Historic Canadian Cooking School on Air

Historic Canadian Cooking School on Air

Jessie Read brought cooking to the air waves of Canada and parts of the USA on CKCL radio in Toronto Canada.  In 1931 her show was featured on the cover of a trade booklet "Radio Trade-Builder" that was "For every store that sells radio in Canada."   

In a time without television and the food network, Miss Read with the support of others (Consumer Gas) entertained thousands with her weekly broadcasts.  She had the challenge of making food exciting and entertaining through her sweet personality (if they only could have seen her smile) and skills as a weekly radio host without any visuals.  We are sure that numerous women reached for their scrapbook or index cards to write out the new recipes.  Others may have waited to see them in print in the Toronto Mail and Empire which later became Canada's national newspaper the Globe and Mail

Jessie Read "Cooking School Host" Featured

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TWO cups of flour, two eggs ....

The cooking school is on the air!

Probably no radio feature has interested housewives to such an extent as the radio cooking school. Carefully trained experts explain in simple terms the way to prepare appetizing and nourishing dishes and there are plenty of women who would hesitate to miss a "lesson".
Look at the front cover of this issue of Radio Trade-Builder again!

In the photograph reproduced there-­on, our photographer has caught a moment during one of the weekly broadcasts given by Miss Jessie M. Read, director of home service, Con­sumers' Gas Company, Toronto, over radio station CKCL.

Miss Read's . interesting broadcasts go on the air at 11 a.m. each Friday. They reach thousands or women not only in Canada but also in the united States. This weekly feature is said to be Canada's pioneer radio cooking school. It was inaugurated early in 1925 and that it is very popular is easily seen by the large number of women who attend the annual radio parties presided over by Miss Read and held in a clown town hotel. Besides demonstrations in the art of cookery, a splendid musical pro­gramme is provided at these affairs.

We are indebted to Miss Read for so kindly extending cooperation in securing our cover illustration and also to A. P. Howells, broadcast manager CKCL.

Jessie M Read Cooking School Radio Host
Jessie M Read 1931 - Photographer Unknown

Source: Radio Trade-Builder Vol 8 Toronto March 1931 No. 3