Jessie Read

Food Economist

Founder/Writer "Three Meals A Day" column
Toronto Evening Telegram Newspaper
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Jessie Read

Radio Host

First Cooking School on Toronto's CKCL radio.
Friday's at 11AM loved by thousands.
Home director at Consumers' Gas.
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Jessie Read


Kitchen Talks
First Cooking School Film in Canada
Supported by National Council
of Women of Canada
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Jessie Read Canadian Home Economist Toronto Ontario

Jessie Read - Home Economist

Thousands of households in Canada learned the joy of cooking through the bright personality and knowledge of Jessie Read in the 1930's.  From radio broadcasts, cooking schools, reating the byline of Three Meals A Day in the Toronto Evening Telegram, cookbooks and the first cooking film in Canada, she made an lasting impact on a generation of cooks.

First Cooking Film in Canada

The last day of shooting on the set of "Kitchen Talks" Jessie Read reviews the dialogue with Director Jack Chisholm.  This was a feature length talking picture sponsored by the Provincial Council of Women of Ontario and National sponsors.  The film would been seen by thousands was estimated at 2.5 hrs in length.
hoto date - May 14, 1936

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