Chicken and Shrimps in Cream

Category: Supper Dishes
Source: Jessie Read show recipes
Ingredients 2 tablespoons butter.
¼ cup chopped green pepper. ¼ cup chopped pimiento.
6 large mushrooms sliced.
4 tablespoons butter.
4 tablespoons flour.
2½ cups milk.
1 ½ teaspoons salt.
¼ teaspoon pepper.
¼ teaspoon paprika.
2 cups chicken cubes.
1 cup diced, cleaned shrimps.
Instructions Combine first amount of butter with green pepper, pimiento and mushrooms. Saute these until mushrooms are cooked -about 5 minutes. Add other butter, and blend in the flour and seasoning. Add milk. Stir and cook until thick. Now add chicken and shrimps. Reheat to boiling. Serve in hot patty shells, garnished with parsley. Serves 8.
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