Spanish Cream

Category: Desserts
Source: Jessie Read show recipes
Ingredients 1 ½ tablespoons gelatine.
¼ cup cold water.
3 egg yolks.
¼ cup sugar.
1/s teaspoon salt.
3 cups milk.
1 teaspoon vanilla.
3 egg whites.
¼ cup granulated sugar.
Instructions Soak gelatine in cold water. Scald the milk and add to the egg yolks, sugar and salt beaten together. Cook, stirring con­stantly, until it coats a spoon. Dissolve gelatine in the hot mixture. Cool and add vanilla. As mixture begins to thicken, fold in the meringue made from the stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar. Mould and chill. Serve with whipped cream and cherries.